Formulation of ecosystems inside and outside the platform

Activity Overview

In a bid to shape startup ecosystems in the Tohoku region, the participating universities of this platform are newly participating in the Base City Consortium, as well as establishing the Platform Promotion Conference as a place to share information on the planning and operation of various measures, to strengthen the industry-academia-government-finance cooperation within the consortium.

In addition, we are utilizing resources within the consortium to build relationships and networks within the startup ecosystems in the Tohoku region. Specifically, we are holding pitch events and seminars targeted at the researchers and students of participating universities looking to start their own businesses.


Platform Promotion Conference


Plenary meetings of the principal and joint institutions and external cooperative organizations participating in the platform are held every two months. The meetings feature reports on the progress of each activity, such as GAP fund support and development of human resources with leadership and support skills, as well as serving as a place to share information from participating organizations.

Michinoku BRAVE


Know-how seminars about establishing R&D ventures are held for entrepreneurs and researchers aiming to establish R&D ventures, available to participants from universities taking part in the Venture Co-creation Platform from Tohoku Regional Universities.

Michinoku Innovation Camp 2021


We hold a camp-style business plan contest targeted at students and researchers aiming to start a business, to cultivate next-generation entrepreneurs who will become leaders of regional innovations, through regional collaboration activities and entrepreneur development to revitalize the Tohoku region.

Sendai Startup Ecosystem Acceleration Council

The Annual General Meeting of Reiwa 3 (2021) saw the report on the status of JST-SCORE adoption, and the Council also highlighted the development and strengthening of financing methods to promote startups in the region (GAP fund and so forth) as a priority measure.

Sendai Startup Ecosystem Acceleration Council

Our Goal

Sendai as the Capital of Social Innovation – where world-changing startups are born, and social innovators from around the world gather.

Our Mission

We seek to build a startup ecosystem that continuously creates new values through industry-government-academia-finance-labor-media collaboration, to work with people tackling social issues, and to realize solutions for regional issues in Sendai and Tohoku and revitalization of the regional economy.


We will provide support for corporations and individuals who continuously attempt to create social and economic impact, while taking advantage of Sendai’s own strengths and characteristics.