Enhancement of the Entrepreneurial Environment

Activity Overview

We are establishing the “Tohoku University Prototype Coordination Office (TPCO)” steering office for picking up ideas on manufacturing, entrepreneurship and prototyping, and for planning toward realization. We are also working to strengthen cooperation with universities and prefectures to develop startup support ecosystems, and nurturing human resources with leadership and support skills for the operation of entrepreneurship development programs.

Implementation Structure

Enhancement of Entrepreneurial Environment for Entrepreneurship Education

We are establishing the Tohoku University Prototype Coordination Office (TPCO) in a bid to accelerate entrepreneurship in the Tohoku region. With TPCO, we will strengthen enhancement of the entrepreneurial environment, pick up excellent entrepreneurial ideas from more institutions, and effectively plan for the next step toward realization. We will unite the prefectures of the Tohoku region, develop a structural network of joint and cooperative organizations, and strengthen appropriate coordination. For example, with the cooperation of Sendai City Industrial Promotion Agency, AIST (Tohoku Center), etc. (see figure), the system will be designed so that public testing centers in the respective municipalities can be used. In order to accelerate the creation of venture businesses through university-initiated research seeds, we will boost activities aimed toward verification of customer needs and social implementation, and provide an environment that encourages the design and production of excellent prototypes. In addition we will conduct development of entrepreneurship leader and supporter human resources, using the process of realization into products and social implementation, for the purpose of achieving projects fit for GAP fund support and social implementation. We aim to revitalize industries in the Tohoku region by accelerating entrepreneurial activities through enhancement of the entrepreneurial environment.

Tohoku Region Prototype Design Education Training